AAIT Unleash Your Potential

Unleash Your POTENTIAL to Make a Bigger DIFFERENCE

That's why you got into this field, right?

To make a difference.

Ideally, of course, to  make a BIG difference.

To really help.

Yet along the way, for a variety of reasons and in a variety of ways, we sabotage our potential for  professional success -both financial and otherwise. At the heart of this sabotage is the tethered charge of polarized energy. We are pushed and pulled by the unconscious currents of these opposites driving our choices just below our awareness.

What is this program and why do I love it?

Unleash Your Potential is a program for healing arts professionals to FINALLY reveal and resolve the inner conflicts around financial success so they can make an even bigger DIFFERENCE.

I love it because after more than 33 years in private practice, I know a thing or two about cultivating and maintaining a successful and SATISFYING private practice.

I think you will dig this program for MANY reasons, here are just a few:

  • Maybe you’ve been hearing some of the buzz about how different yet EFFECTIVE Acceptance and Integration Training is, this training gives you a rich experience of this work that can IMMEDIATELY be used to address YOUR inner conflicts AND your clients’ problems related and unrelated to success.

  • The atmosphere of acquiring serious change skills in an intimate collaborative setting is both rare and precious. Imagine an environment that becomes a crucible of learning and transformation.

  • Having follow-up support has always made the difference for me with being able to implement what I’ve learned with a bit more confidence and ease. To that end, this program provides means for follow-up consultation insuring you will be able to use what you’ve learned.

  • You will discover the means and path to RESOLVING, once and for all, the inner conflicts that stand between you and your success.

  • Alongside like-minded professionals, you will learn a psychologically elegant protocol for deep sustainable integration of polarities. Integration typically results in rapid and sustainable problem resolution and a profound state of well-being.

AAIT Principles

What will I cover and why does it matter?

  • The principles of AAIT. This will give you a ground from which to understand the mechanisms of change that fuel this ground-breaking model. This understanding will enhance your practice of new, efficacious skills.

These principles present a model that challenges and for some, upsets their understanding of how to BEST help our clients. Gone are the long and sometimes laborious excavations into the past that may lead to insight but not ready change. Gone are instructions to clients to engage in cognitive restructuring to feel better. Leaning into these principles will guide you just as it does AAIT practitioners.

  • An inquiry protocol, Pair-A-Day.

Pair-A-Day releases layers of tethered tension while revealing higher states of awareness. The effect of such release is problem resolution for us AND our clients along with increased energy to realize goals. We will also discuss the types of problems can be addressed with this approach. This powerful and thorough technique can be used for the integration of opposites in financial and many other areas of life and their non-polar (ordinary) problems. 

What makes pair-a-day so special is its reliability and deceptive simplicity. It is based on a series of strategically designed questions. This makes it extremely thorough with long-lasting results. The structure reveals "hidden" aspects of conflicts, leading you way past problem neutralization, to a very stable, sublime spacious state of mind. It was developed by Zivorad Slavinski's daughter, Ivana Tomanovic. 

  • An updated and comprehensive list of specific polarities that covers the main areas of inner conflicts regarding success and money. Each week, you will receive a list of polarities grouped around a topic related to success. From this treasure trove, you will design a unique and personalized program. In this way, you will open yourself to higher states of awareness and FINALLY resolve the inner conflicts limiting your potential.

  • How to recognize and address cognitive distortions.

The influence of negative thinking distorts our reality and clouds our vision of what’s possible. You will learn to recognize and dismantle ruminative thinking and other cognitive distortions. Limiting beliefs and other perceptual tendencies fall away with this simple method. Imagine having a tool your clients can readily embrace to address negative thinking.

Over the course of this program, you will uncover and integrate opposites that limit your financial and professional success. As you realize and liberate yourself from that which is hindering your success, you can have a big impact, HELPING more people with greater ease. opening yourself to higher states of awareness and FINALLY resolve the inner conflicts keeping you stuck. 

Why am I so passionate This workshop?

OUR clients’ success is inextricably linked to our success. We healing arts practitioners can be THE WORST at promoting ourselves. OR we settle into a FULL practice that keeps us running and contributes to burn out.

I’ve been doing this a LONG time. I sincerely think we have the BEST profession in the whole wide world. We get to HELP people and grow ourselves. But we are not necessarily the best at financial success. We minimize the need or feel guilty or have any number of unconscious conflicts regarding our own success.

Resolving your most acute money-conflicts and improving your financial situation quickly will make it possible for you to have more ease of being and have a bigger impact with your clients. This ease can open the door to your creativity and passion about what you are doing and how you can better serve without sacrificing your HAPPINESS.

Improving your money and success mindset and habits gradually and thoroughly sets you up for long-lasting change that will influence your life for years.

The other thing that I think is super cool about this workshop is this method is quite ASTOUNDING in it's capacity to release tension related to relationship discord. I know we don't often consider the impact of our relationships on our success, but if some relationship disturbance is occupying our mental space, we typically don't feel in the FLOW with work.

Is this for you?

If you are: 

  • Satisfied with your success you probably feel pretty balanced in your day to day life and you just KNOW this isn’t for you.

  • Pleased with your professional and financial success

  • Happy with the impact, the ACTUAL CHANGE you are facilitating AND the efficiency and ease of that change

  • Content with the amount you are earning and how you FEEL while earning it . . .


Carry on, soar higher. Thanks for reading this far. Please share the wisdom garnered from your success with other Inspired Agents of Transformation.

However, if you

  • Are doing your best but not quite reaching your goals, financially and / or professionally

  • Feel challenged around money. This may show up as fears around not enough, avoidance and / or poor money habits

  • Experience professional and / or financial insecurity

  • Are interested in combining inner growth with professional and financial success . . .

  • OR if you KNOW the value of acceptance and integration and are READY to learn a deep dive process that bypasses the trickiness of the intellect, JOIN US!

Things really can be different for you, DON'T MISS THIS WORKSHOP!

What are the details?

You may have heard that I am committed to empowering my students to actually use what they have learned. To that end, my programs are designed to give you EVERYTHING you need to do just that.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Two-day comprehensive introduction to the power of AAIT through the lens of your success.

  • Practical instruction in a system you will be able to use personally AND professionally to help your clients resolve problems.

  • Month-long PRIVATE Facebook group for consultation with me and integrative learning to insure you feel confident to use what you’ve learned

  • Step by step guidance insuring your success with integrating what you’ve learned.

  • Weekly AAIT practice suggestions aimed at resolving deep unconscious conflicts inhibiting your success

  • An accountability partner. For one month, participants are expected to meet with an accountability partner to engender the confidence you need to serve your clients with ease.

  • Follow-up online session to insure your success.

Please note participants will earn (14) fourteen continuing education hours for completion of the Unleash Your Potential workshop.


How long have you been trying to address personal conflicts inhibiting your success? Has it worked so far? Remember that Einstein quote on insanity?

What is so very special about the primary technique you will be learning is it is based on a series of questions which makes it extremely thorough, and the results long-lasting. With these questions, we discover "hidden" aspects of conflicts. The questions lead you beyond neutralization of charged energy, to a very stable, sublime state of mind, like few other techniques. 

You will be able to use Pair-A-Day to address short term goals related to acute personal and professional conflicts quickly AND long term goals improving your money-mindset and habits gradually and thoroughly for true, long-lasting change.


The Investment






Early Birds – $495 (Until October 27, 2017)

Just in the nick of timers – $545

Friend Rate - $445 (Until October 20, 2017) Register with a friend and BOTH receive this discounted rate.

I LOVE learning with a friend. Perhaps you do too. Invite a friend and both of you will receive a $50 discount.

Still not sure? I offer a 100% money back guarantee. I’ve been in practice a LONG time, I know what works and stand behind what I teach, 100%. 

REGISTER NOW to reserve your spot. As many of you know my space is limited.

Have questions about this offer? Reach out to me at info@aait.solutions. I don’t want you to miss out because of some unanswered question!

ONE MORE thing - I want this to be a NO-BRAINER for you. When you complete this workshop AND register for the 2018 Fellowship Training Group (FTG) by December 31, 2017 - I will credit $400 towards your FTG tuition.


"I am feeling more confident including Mindset in EVERY meeting no matter what. I have never been able to get through this much information with a person before, and it's incredible.”
-Lauren Startup, MIndset Coach