aait essentials

AAIT ESSENTIALS lays the groundwork for EXPANDING your successful practice of AAIT. By the end of our weekend workshop, you will be able to immediately use new effective methods to help your clients. 

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Curate Your State™ Facilitator’s Training

The invite-only Curate Your State facilitator’s training will EMPOWER you not only to facilitate the Curate Your State Course, but also the Gnostic Intensive, individually and in groups. Stay tuned for the next round of training dates.

curate your state™

For eight weeks, a small group will gather weekly and dive into discovering the means and mechanisms of cultivating a more satisfying state of being. 

AAIT fellowship, immersive learning

Our clients come to us in pain. They want to feel better, fast. They want to achieve their goals and ultimately move into a greater ease of being in life, to live from their authentic true self. To help them, most of us aim for better, faster and more sustainable ways to impact our clients, to untether them from their pain. The next cohort of AAIT Fellowship Training begins August 23, 2019.

Events by AAIT Practitioners

Learn and attend events from therapists, counselors, and leaders who have studied under AAIT.