Private Sessions

  • Are you someone who struggles with depression or anxiety?
  • Are you grieving the loss of someone you love and just can’t seem to find the rhythm of your life?
  • Are you experiencing difficulties in your primary relationships?  Perhaps you are trying to recover from infidelity or maybe you are not feeling connected to your partner. Maybe your communication just feels disconnected.
  • Are you just not feeling great and don’t know why?

If you responded with a “yes” to any of these, then you could benefit from our working together.  I’ve been helping people with these and similar life challenges since 1984. 

Psychotherapy with me is not simply a re-hashing of your past (though that can be valuable work for some people). As partners, we work together to release the pain you are experiencing so that you can live more fully in your present.  I am not a passive psychotherapist.  You can expect me to occasionally interrupt you to make sure I understand you and we are both on the same page.  You can expect me to challenge you to develop your communication skills so that you can speak your truth even when it’s difficult.  You can expect me to be on your side.

Our working together is aimed at helping you get relief from your pain while developing greater self awareness, creating better relationships and becoming more established in a steadier more easeful state of being.

With more than 25 years experience, I am committed to helping people release the emotional pain that prevents them from living fully in the present.  Further, my clients learn skills that they can use to easily discharge the emotional static of daily life.  The result is that they create better relationships with themselves, others and God of their understanding.  My clients come to love themselves and more easily love others.

I specialize in working with people who are committed to using their lives well, despite the emotional and relationship challenges they face.  They are interested in growing both personally and spiritually.  My clients aim to transcend the pain of depression, anxiety, or troubled relationships and learn to live in peace. Many of my clients are other healing arts professionals.