June 10 - 12, 2016

Evanston, IL

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AAIT FOUNDATIONS lays the groundwork for your successful practice of AAIT. By the end of our weekend workshop, you will be able to immediately use new effective methods to help your clients. Further, you will have all the support you need to fully integrate what you have learned into your current practice. In AAIT FOUNDATIONS, you will also learn to apply the fundamental principles that inform the practice of AAIT.

Understanding these principles will help you when you feel like you have wandered into therapeutic weeds.


  • Self responsibility sustains freedom
  • Acceptance is a means and measure of well-being
  • Reactivity reveals wholeness
  • Integration of two opposing states can alleviate psychological suffering
  • The real self is not an object but a being.

You will become more at ease with natural flow of a typical AIT session, which includes these phases:

  • Discovery
  • Collaborative Agreement
  • Integration
  • Home Practice
  • Directed Awareness

Through observation, practice with a partner and solo practice, therapists will learn the following procedures, all of which were developed by psychologist, Zivorad Slavinski

Universal Process

The Universal Process (UP) is a simple oscillation technique that typically culminates in a psychological integration. With one integration, the problem being addressed is typically resolved. With repeated integrations, there is a gradually expanded sense of wholeness and wellbeing. 

UP can be used to resolve problems and integrate various needs and feelings. Such integrations aid in decreasing reactivity to the various challenges of life. You will also learn to teach this method to your clients as the UP is a cornerstone of AIT home practice.

Basic PEAT

PEAT stands for Prime Energy Activation and Transcendence. What happens in the PEAT processes is a therapeutic activation of the primary energy associated with a problem and through integration, the transcendence of the problem. PEAT was developed by psychologist, Zivorad Slavinski.

Basic PEAT (BP) uses alternating between six eyepoints while focusing on the prime energies associated with the problem along with a steady breath to break the grip of emotional overwhelm and other problems that are not of a long standing nature. 

BP aids in anger management, anxiety and stress relief, temporary upsets and more. As it is another method comprising AIT Home Practice, you will learn to teach this to clients.

Deep PEAT 4

Deep PEAT 4 (DP4) is a reliable method that allows for a release from the originating problem, generally leaving the client with a feeling of calm with a sense of wellbeing. As in many of the methods developed by Slavinski, many experience this wellbeing to be of a spiritual nature.

With DP4, you learn to use the four elements of human experience (thoughts, images, emotions and sensations) to quickly depotentiate negative states and reactions as well as release the pain from traumatic experience. DP4 can also be used to integrate the golden and the dark shadow self, identities  and ego states as well as specifically chosen polarities. This method is perhaps the most versatile of the processes developed by Slavinski. This reliable procedure is efficient and easy to learn.

Fingertip Method

The Fingertip Method is an effective method for addressing trauma. It uses the theory that trauma is stuck energy in space and time. With this method we are generally able to help clients release this stuck energy within minutes.

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