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"Knowing Your Strength" for 1 year and under postpartum mothers

"Knowing Your Strength" for 1year and under postpartum mothers

AAIT based training by Florence Paquet

My heart for this group is for mothers experiencing perinatal mood disorders. A lot of mothers do not know what they are experiencing and/or don't feel comfortable talking about it - this is for mothers with 1 year or younger babies having ruminating or disturbing thoughts, feeling disconnected and done with their babies, and experiencing the typical, but often very traumatic, hospital birth.

The main intention is to create a community that feels safe to talk about these really tough internal experiences that challenge some very hardened beliefs. Many mothers I have worked with express they are very disconnected from their sense of self, like they don't know what it is and thinking about it isn't even allowed. So I will consider this group a success if we just start lighting that fire of connection. I also hope together we can support finding and nurturing a space in their lives to connect to themselves.

When/where: Revitalist clinic on Wednesdays from 2:30-4:30 starting on September 18th

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About Florence Paquet

Florence Paquet is an MSW, Acceptance and Integration Training counselor, doula and reiki practitioner specializing in healing trauma. As a soulful healer, counselor, and doula living and working in East Tennessee, Flo is devoted to empowerment. She connects her clients to their own wisdom and strength with practical, deeply reflective tools for holistic healing.

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