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Evolve: Surviving and Thriving

Intention: Holding hands as we step forward on our journey of being and owning who we are as we continue stepping forward into alignment and holistic wellbeing.

Sometimes it is like our pasts still have their grips on us:
- reacting unconsciously towards our loved ones and our life
- feeling sensitive to others' energy and what's going on around us, leaving us drained and exhausted
- being overwhelmed and stuck in our heads

As we deepen into holistic self-care we run up against the pressure to keep doing what we've always done and what everyone else is doing instead of:
- prioritizing healthy eating, drinking, and movement
- recognizing toxic relationships and unhealthy social patterns
- sleeping and taking time to rest and reflect
- speaking up for ourselves and what we believe in
- taking risks and pursuing our passions

This gathering will offer tools to deepen into:
- acceptance and gratitude for your history and self
- presence, centeredness, groundedness
- authentic connection and reciprocal support

For you, if you:
- are driven and motivated to shift a painful past into a personal strength; out of reactivity and into grounded gratitude
- take full responsibility for your own wellbeing and reactions
- love to use new tools and keep growing
- believe in a holistic approach to wellbeing - engaging mind, body, emotions, and spirit
- believe your history is a strength, and yearn to fully embrace yourself

Not for you if:
- you are not ready to commit to and invest in yourself
- you want to blame others for your reactions
- want to run away from or fight "negativity" or "bad" things about yourself

Structure of gathering - 90 minutes:
-Begin with centering and connection
-Move into healing exercises using AAIT and crystals
-End with a creative take-home integration activity to aid you as you evolve!
- sliding scale, no questions asked, 4-15$

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