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"Empowered Transition" 50+ Women's group

Empowered Transition 50+ Women's group

AAIT based group facilitated by Florence Paquet.

Who is a good fit: The women in this group so far have all journeyed with severe depression or anxiety and are seeking or undergone effective treatment recently. Most of the women have undergone a Ketamine infusion but we do have a couple women who have not done a series yet.

Intention: We started this group because many of the women at Revitalist expressed - I have been living as a depressed person for so long, I feel different, I know I am different, but I'm struggling to know how to live differently now and I REALLY want to.

So this group will be about nurturing that new lifestyle, having a community of support and accountability that has been there and gets it. It will be about making other treatments, past/present/future - more effective and longer lasting.

When/where: Revitalist Clinic in Farragut on Mondays starting Sept 9th from 2:30-4:30 - 6 weeks

For details and to sign up, email

About Florence Paquet

Florence Paquet is an MSW, Acceptance and Integration Training counselor, doula and reiki practitioner specializing in healing trauma. As a soulful healer, counselor, and doula living and working in East Tennessee, Flo is devoted to empowerment. She connects her clients to their own wisdom and strength with practical, deeply reflective tools for holistic healing.