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Reclaiming the Shadow Self


“Remember, your shadow self is not your evil self, it is simply your denied and rejected self.” - Richard Rohr

Through my years working as a mountain guide, case manager, group facilitator, and therapist, I've noticed a consistent plight among men: we feel disconnected from ourselves, our higher power, and from each other. I've experienced this in my personal life as well. Grappling to achieve our culture’s, our churches’, and our own families’ and friends' standards of masculinity has left us feeling angry, lonely, and numb. Our need for certainty and rightness insulates us from having any kind of deep spiritual experience and can lead to depression, anxiety, and interpersonal distress. As a response to this, I've decided to share what I've learned through Acceptance and Integration Training™ in the form of a retreat and 10-week small group, in the hopes of helping men like me.

During this retreat, you will receive a simple tool that can help you achieve deeper spiritual and interpersonal connection by reclaiming those parts of yourself that you may assume make you weak: what we call “the shadow self.” Alongside other men, you will work to accept and integrate those parts that you often work so hard to push away and, through that acceptance, begin a journey of healing that can better connect you to yourself, your loved ones, and your God.


Acceptance and Integration Training (AAIT) is a model of healing developed by Melanie McGhee and utilized by therapists, teachers, spiritual directors, and other healing arts professionals to quickly alleviate psychological suffering and help people achieve higher states of being. Success with AAIT relies on the acceptance and integration of opposing states to achieve a higher state of consciousness and increase personal insight. I use AAIT regularly in my work as a therapist, and during our weekend together, I’ll teach you how to accept and thus resolve unwanted states of feeling and thinking in minutes, in order to help you access greater peace. You can read more about AAIT at

This retreat is for men who are looking for spiritual growth and connection. Whether you have felt encumbered from pursuing this in the past or have desired to move to a deeper spiritual place and just haven’t had the tools or time, this is a good place to practice and/or begin. There won't be any indoctrination or theological arguments during our time together. Instead, you'll be learning a simple tool from AAIT and work with the group to integrate this tool into your own spiritual practice. I (Logan) and my co-leader, Stephen, come from Christian backgrounds, and we'll be utilizing Richard Rohr's writings on non-dual philosophy to help ground our work, but you don't need to currently identify as a Christian to be a part of the retreat. We also don't discriminate based on race, ethnicity, or sexuality. If you are uncomfortable working with men of various backgrounds, this probably isn't the retreat for you.

You will arrive by 7pm on Friday and eat dinner with Logan, Stephen, and your fellow retreatees. All meals and lodging are included. We will spend our first night together getting to know each other better, setting intention for the weekend, and enjoying our accommodations at the Wellspring Retreat Center. On Saturday, you will be learning principles and tools from Acceptance and Integration Training and applying them through experiential and contemplative practices in groups and individually. You’ll be asked to share your experience with the group and leaders and be a collaborative member of the group. Logan will also be available for solo work if you encounter any “stuck points” or would like help working through any of the practices. On Sunday, we'll wrap up our time together, discuss embodiment practices for your ongoing spiritual growth, and discuss an optional 10-week small group.

The investment for the retreat is $395. This is to pay for our beautiful retreat space on the Little River, our food, and your retreat leaders' time and expertise. There will also be an optional 10-week small group gathering where you will build on the work done at the retreat and will gain additional tools from Acceptance and Integration Training. The investment for the small group is $15 per week or $125 paid up front.


If you'd like to sign up for the retreat or you have any questions, please email me at

DISCLAIMER: While I (Logan) am currently pursuing my License in Clinical Social Work, I am not an independently licensed clinician at this time and the work we do together should not be considered therapy or be used in place of therapy or therapeutic medication. If you are experiencing intense psychological distress or suicidal thoughts, please do not attend this retreat. Call 911 or go to your nearest mental health agency immediately.

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