AAIT Curate Your State Facilitators

CURATE YOUR STATE facilitator’s training

This facilitators training will EMPOWER you not only to facilitate the Curate Your State Course, but also the Gnostic Intensive, individually and in groups. I am SO SO excited to see what y’all might create.

CYS can become an anchor for your practice, helping you reach and serve your community.

These are dates from the previous session. Join the list to find out about upcoming sessions!

Several of the people in my previous CYS courses are now asking to repeat the experience in the same way that those who glimpse the richness of mindfulness based stress reduction repeat MBSR classes.
Facilitating individual gnostic intensives will help you grow your confidence and your clients will make faster progress, they will more readily see the play of the false conditioned self. Plus, it’s a very cool standalone offering that supports your clients in their growth. 

You will also be able to design any kind of package, retreat, or course you want to train your people to use DP4. In other words, you will be able to facilitate Curate Your State and design other courses as you choose using DP4 in addition to what you already can do - UP, IEW, LMM, and BP. Once your clients have experienced CYS, your group offerings will likely be inspired by the confluence of your INTERESTS and their NEEDS.
To aid in your learning, there are several reading and writing assignments associated with this training. Once you register, you will receive the materials to begin studying in April.

your investment

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The paid in full tuition is $1195. 
Or you have the option to make 4 payments of $325 - paid in full by October 1, 2019
The only other fee you could expect in the future is the materials fee for participants each time you offer the course.
AFTER the training, I’ll be around to support you as you implement what you’ve learned. We will have our own private FB group.
If you are anything like me, you are probably wondering if you could possibly facilitate a Gnostic Intensive. Yes. You can. It takes training, focus, and practice. There are several exercises that prepare you and all of you will benefit from assisting each other on your first Gnostic.