AAIT Curate Your State Facilitators

CURATE YOUR STATE facilitator’s training

I have some BIG news!

After reviewing participant feedback, much contemplation and conversations with a few of you, I’m VERY excited to share that the Curate Your State (CYS) is going to be EVEN better than the very successful programs previously offered.

Instead of an 8-week program, the course has been divided into two 6-week programs. Both are designed so that they can be adapted to serve a variety of settings and populations. Get a jump on the course assignments by registering as soon as you know you want to do this.

In full transparency, I am currently in conversation with a lawyer to address issues of licensing and liability. My intention is to lay a foundation that respects the integrity of the work, insures our collective success and is a win for all concerned, including Zivorad.

Curate Your State ~ Embodiment (CYSE) Facilitator’s Training

CYSE focuses on the development of a personal embodiment practice, the development of an identity that practices. Participants learn to take a proactive and reactive approach to practice. The processes taught include End of Words, Basic PEAT and the Little Magical Method.

In this facilitator’s training, you will enrich your teaching skills with End of Words, Basic PEAT and Little Magical Method. You will also learn principles that will support your success in creating and maintaining a strong group crucible.


AAIT Fellowship Training Group

Training Dates:

July 12 & 13


$700 (Paid in Full)

$375 (Two payments, paid in full by September 1, 2019)

Curate Your State ~ Playing a Higher Game (CYSP) Facilitator’s Training

This 6-week course includes a one-day in person retreat with the morning devoted to DP4 while the afternoon is devoted the Gnostic Intensive.

Expanding on CYSE, participants explore playing a higher game through exploring integration and its resulting effect on relationships, goals, problems, and overall state. Participants will learn the Universal Process and DP4.

In this facilitator’s training, you will learn to facilitate the Gnostic Intensive individually and in groups, teach DP4 and develop your teaching skills with the Universal Process.


AAIT Fellowship Training Group, Curate Your State 2018, Curate Your State ~ Embodiment Facilitator’s Training.

If you feel called to add this to your offerings and have not taken the Curate Your State course as a participant, let’s have a conversation.

Training Dates:

July 14 & 15


$700 (Paid in Full)

$375 (Two payments, paid in full by September 1, 2019)   

Investment in both courses:

$1200 ($200 Savings) Paid in FULL

To aid in your learning, there are several reading and writing assignments associated with this training. Once you register, you will receive the materials to begin studying.

As always, I am here to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to give me a call!