In AAIT ESSENTIALS we immerse ourselves in the practical application of nondual philosophy and dive deeper into the phases and principles of AAIT. You will broaden your understanding of how to engage clients in home practice and learn Deep PEAT. Deep PEAT is an essential technique for releasing long standing and deeply rooted problems.

You will also learn the Little Magical Method which is useful for pain relief and addressing problems that present kinesthetically.

Both procedures were developed by Zivorad Slavinski. Throughout AAIT ESSENTIALS, our focus is refining our understanding and practice of AAIT, paying particular attention to polarities in play. In this way, we learn to provide valuable home practice suggestions to our clients. 

Importantly, following AAIT ESSENTIALS, therapists will know how to liberate their clients from the fundamental polarities underlying the primary psychological themes in their lives. These polarities are called the primordial polarities and we integrate them using Deep PEAT.

AAIT Essentials includes 6 post training group consultation sessions.


Developed by Slavinski, Deep PEAT (DP) is the crest jewel of his work. It is a parsimoniously elegant tool that uses presenting pain and distress to reveal deep levels of wholeness and wellbeing. It happens through a specific protocol for integrating layers of psychological content and culminates in deep and lasting problem resolution.

Moreover, the effects of DP generally extend beyond the originating problems to positively effect other areas of life. From all appearances, DP tends to accelerate spiritual development --- as evidenced by increases in compassion, present focused attention, awareness and decreases in reactivity and attachments. 

Obviously, such changes dramatically affects our quality of life. We will spend the majority of our time in essentials mastering DP. We do this through observation, practice with others and solo practice.

It was phenomenal studying under you. By far, this group represents my most beneficial training experience. You were open, approachable, and responsive to everything that came up, and I learned a lot from the presence you modeled as a clinician. This training was an excellent experiential review of the group experience, and it provided me with more tools that I can walk away using than any other training I have done.
— Landen Saffles, L.C.S.W., Ft. Campbell, KY