During individual sessions with me you can expect a partnership in which we work together to release pain so you can live more fully in the present. We all have layers of content, thoughts, memories, stories, psychological wounds, along with differing and sometimes contradictory identities that can cause us everything from discomfort at the least to deep depression and pain. Our sessions focus on integrating, thus liberating you from that content without rehashing your past. We do this through acceptance and integration.


I see very few couples and the couples I do see have to be willing at the get go to take 100% responsibility for their state and do rigorous home practice. Few couples pass that bar. The couples that do pass that bar also tend to have a keen interest in spiritual development and practice.


Aside from supervision and training groups, I offer private group sessions 3 times a year. These groups comprise a variety of topics, from shadow integration to understanding our identities.

Private Retreats

I offer only 2 private retreats each year. These retreats are from 2 to 4 days and are for people or couples who want to make deep progress very quickly. Each retreat is tailored to your needs, includes a Gnostic Intensive and so much more.

Waking up to the TRue Self ~ Gnosis and Sunyata

Across time and culture, we share fundamental questions; Who am I? What is Life? Who are others? What is God? The Gnostic Intensive is experience designed by my mentor, psychologist, Zivorad Slavinski. Based on his "alternative technique," it is designed to lead participants into a direct experience of Truth related to these questions, distinct from our more typical conceptual understanding. The Gnostic Intensive opens us to a temporary direct experience of Truth.