The Acceptance and Integration Training BASICS course gives you exactly what you need to begin offering this pioneering approach to your clients. You will learn to think differently about how to really help your clients with methods that are changing lives, helping people cultivate steadier states of being. 

You will learn to help your clients build momentum as they embrace being empowered to address their challenges and stressors, contributing to expansions in self-awareness, compassion and present focused attention. 

In this unique 4 sessions online synchronous learning program, I'm going to walk you through an experiential exploration of using AAIT to help yourself AND your clients. 

We will begin with a journey through the 5 principles of AAIT:

  • The real self is not an object of the sum of a narrative. The real self is a being.
  • Resolving reactivity reveals higher states of consciousness.
  • Self-acceptance is a means and measure of well-being.
  • Integration of two opposing states can alleviate psychological suffering.
  • Taking responsibility for and tending to our inner state is the source of our freedom. 

Understanding and applying these principles will transform your practice. Not only will you see clients improving (typically in each session), but with continued practice, you will gain a deep appreciation of a paradigm that effectively blends psychotherapy (or coaching) with spirituality. This synthesis creates an inner spaciousness in which problems give way to steadier and higher states of consciousness as goals become more readily attainable. 

In this course, you will acquire skills that reliably help people. With consistent results, you gain a stronger sense of efficacy in the change you facilitate. 

What else is included in AAIT BASICS?

You will:

1) Learn the phases of the AAIT adventure. Creating a crucible for transformation with the phases of AAIT will give both you and your clients a familiar rhythm. The familiarity of these phases naturally supports the development and expansion in your client's capacity for self reflection. 

Leaning into these phases brings clarity, guiding you when you have wandered into the weeds. Through discussion, observation and practice you will discover the value, tasks and ease of these phases. 

2) Through observation, partner and solo practice, you will learn Basic PEAT. Basic PEAT is a cornerstone tool for empowering and engaging clients. It is useful for addressing reactive stressors and many other problems. 

3) You will also learn the Universal Process. This process is a reliable tool for problem resolution and the integration of universal polarities. It is a valuable addition to an empowering integration practice. 

4) In addition, you will receive Creating a Crucible for Transformation, AAIT BASICS Training Manual. This manual includes these useful practice tools and much more:

  • Exploring the principles of AAIT, an experiential journey.
  • Map of the AAIT phases, outlining the tasks of each phase.
  • Tip sheet for introducing AAIT to clients.
  • Instructions for Acceptance Exercise.
  • Guidelines for introducing Basic PEAT to clients.
  • Step by step Basic PEAT instructions for the practitioner.
  • Guidelines for introducing the universal process to clients.
  • Step by step Universal Process instructions for the practitioner.
  • Change tracking tool. Monitoring the change in state and problem will support you in leaning into the phases of AAIT. With practice, these phases become more seamless, a nice flow. 
  • Weekly learning task assignments to enrich your understanding.

There is seriously a lot MORE here for you. It is my strong intention to give you everything you need to get started in experiencing the value of this approach, personally and professionally. 

AND, to help you integrate and actually use what you learn, you will:

5) Have unlimited email access for troubleshooting, consultation and clarification. These group exchanges enrich your learning and elevate your understanding.

6) Have access to up to three short notice 10 minute phone consultations with me.

7) An accountability partner with whom you can practice and enhance your understanding and skills.

And by the way - in my experience, it can be challenging for psychotherapists in particular to have considerable doubt about letting go of their old stand-by treatment strategies and interventions in order to stretch themselves and try a whole new approach. I get that. 

Yet, we live in a time of tremendous, past paced change. Technology advances us overnight. In the same way, our healing arts professions are changing too. We have new technologies.

Here's what some people say have to say about their experience with AAIT

  • If you are happy with how your practice is going and you feel fulfilled in your work, this course may not be for you.
  • If your clients are leaving most sessions visibly better and making consistent progress, you may not need this

But if you are interested in learning an innovative approach that can effect real change real fast, simultaneously revealing steadier states of being and higher states of awareness, your participation in this course may be of service to you. 

One more thing, I stand behind this and all of my trainings completely. I know the deep and lasting power of this work. If after fully participating, you do not think you have benefitted personally or professionally, I do not think it would be right for me to keep your money, so in that case, I will refund your investment, 100%. I'd like to say "no questions asked", but I'm curious and have a strong intention. If I'm not meeting that intention, I'd like to know how to better serve you. So, I'd probably ask. :-). Regardless, you have nothing to lose but your time with this 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Here are the logistics:


Online synchronous learning via Zoom. Zoom is a web-conferencing platform that will allow us to have privacy and connection despite our physical distance. Don't worry, the technology is EASY! 

To get the most out of this course, and fully participate, you will receive learning tasks to complete on your own and with an accountability partner. This will up to 2 additional hours of your time per week. 

So to sum it up, during our 5 week course, here's what you receive:

  1. 4 synchronous learning sessions 
  2. 1 bonus integration session 
  3. Creating a Crucible for Transformation Manual 
  4. Numerous tip sheets and guidelines
  5. Unlimited group email support for the duration of the course 
  6. Access to up to THREE short notice 10 - minute phone consultations with me 
  7. An accountability partner 
  8. Guidance for personal home practice plan 
  9. Access to private Facebook group

As a sweet little bonus, I want to support you in YOUR self care. As many helping professionals tend to be a bit challenged when it comes to self care, you will receive a copy of my award-winning book, An Illumined Life, A Personal Yearly Retreat and Reflection Guide.   

AAIT grounds these tools in a paradigm for helping others that will increase your sense of freedom knowing you are empowering clients with a paradigm that will serve them beyond their time with you. The home practice module alone will elevate your understanding of how to increase your professional efficacy. 


YOUJustine Haley, L.C.S.W.  Maryville, TN
I feel really fortunate to have had the privilege to study PEAT and AAIT. I cannot overstate what a transformative impact these simple, but profoundly effective tools have on one’s practice and life. I have found them to be far more helpful that traditional treatment approaches in promoting wholeness and psychological freedom, and reducing distress. And the transformation is surprisingly free of effort for most individuals; after a piece of work, things simply FEEL different and easier, and further positive growth and change tend to naturally follow.

I’m really grateful to Melanie McGhee for sharing her expertise and offering training so that these valuable ideas and techniques are accessible, especially in this region. I believe this work is an excellent investment in personal and professional transformation. A great surprise discovery: experiential spiritual development naturally follows the work, and is much more than just a by-product of it. Thank you so much for sharing, Melanie!
— Justine Haley, L.C.S.W., Maryville, TN